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Sale permission given by Denkimouse on October 20th 2010.
(trying things out)
Ok, it's my first time so i'm sorry if i'm missing anything!
First thing first:
-I live in Canada!
-I'm willing to ship worldwide!
-All my prices are in US currency. (do we say it like that ?)
- Don't forget that Canada's shipping cost can be MONSTROUS. X_X
- The items comes from my boxes which are in the basement. There are some smokers in my house but since they stay on the first floor it doesn't affect the merch.
- I own a cat, but like I said the items are stored in a box. BUT. There may be some hairies because I sometime leave my things a little bit everywhere before I store them. And you know my cat goes everywhere. XD (There shouldn't be any problem with flat items though!)
- I ONLY accept Paypal!
- Please write what you bought and your username in the memo section. :)
- I have the right to not sell to someone and change my prices if something isn't right.
- Feel free to haggle!
Maybe I will put a high price to something that isn't worth that so feel free to correct me :)
Just an advice like that, if you decide to buy from me, maybe buy for $1 dollar worth of stuff? Because as I calculated(I may have done mistakes though) Shipping for one card is somewhere near $6...(that isn't couting the enveloppe...I might try to recycle XD)

Ok I don't have much stuff but I wanted to begin slowly because it stresses me (maybe nothing will be of interest but anyway, I'll get better with time)
This post only has cards.
If you see duplicates, it's because there are!
Please ask for any question!

...25 cents each?
Trading cards:

Energy search .15 (fossil, unseen forces)
Energy switch .30
Copycat .15
Switch .15
Poké Ball .40
Gust of Wind .15
Potion .15
Energy Removal .40
Celio's Network .45
Gambler .20
Root Fossil .15
Solid Rage .40
Speed Stadium .40
Entei Promo $5

Slowpoke, Wynaut, Ralts, nidoran male, Pineco, Koffing, Ponyta, Cyndaquil, Charmander, Vulpix, mareep, Magnemite, Pupitar, Totodile, Poliwhirl, Snorunt .15
Oddish .40
Ekans .20
Grimer .20
Venonat .20, first ed. .40
Exeggcute .40
Bellsprout .40
Weezing .40
Bayleef .40
Nidoran female .70
Weepinbell .70
Horsea .20

Snubull, Clefairy, Seel, Slakoth, Teddiursa, Meowth, Whooper, Horsea, Chikorita, Rhydon .15
Eevee .50
Eevee .25
Meowth .40 (jungle first ed.)
Cubone .40
Mankey .40
Primeape .75
Geodude . 20

Freebies (lame but whatever XD)

Those are empty packs and the cards are Ravenloft. Please take those away X_X
1 empty pack per purchase or you can take all the Ravenloft cards at once!
Ok so this was the mini sales post for a try!
If you feel something is missing please tell me! I'm also trying out new things at the same time lol.


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