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11 November
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My interests are...Pokemon of course! My very first fandom! X3
Aout me, well... I'm a girl of 21 years old. I finished two college studies and I'm currently working to get me some money for future studies (but it's quite obvious that I'm unable to stop spending on things XD)
I'm quite shy in real life as I have the social anxiety disorder; i'm paranoiac and that can annoy some people out there.
Nevertheless, I'm considered to be one of the kindest person on earth. *saying by the majority of my friends, which I don't quite understand why they say so.
I started loving pokemon when I was about...in grade 5 that means...10-11 years old. I started trading the good old cards - not the trading cards but the ones with a picture of a pokemon on it and the description on the back. I then discovered the trading card game and have been addicted to collecting them even if I don't play at all. And then came the mighty Pokemon merchandise. <3<3<3
I probably started collecting more things since I work, so September 2009. I am quite fond of what I already own and I think (yeah *think*) I own some rarities ^^ I will be updating my collection soon I guess!